Mother Dunks Son's Head in Flushing Toilet Says "It was a joke"

So far the video of Kaitlyn Wolf dunking her 3-year-old son’s head in a flushing toilet been viewed over 400,000 times and Facebook says it hasn't removed it "because it could help rescue the child in in question." As she holds his arms behind his back and dunks his head into the flushing toilet you can hear the young boy cry out “Stop! No!” and his 12-year-old brother who's recording the video say "God that's mean."

Leesburg Police Department reported that DCF is investigating and “Detectives are also working with the State Attorney’s Office to determine appropriate criminal prosecution."

Wolf said to WFTV that the events seen in the video were "a joke between the three of us. My sons and I horseplay rough," Wolf said. "We stuck his head in the toilet and flushed it. And my older son was recording it."

Wolf said she sent the video to the boy's babysitter. 

"I sent it to her as a joke, like, 'Haha. This is the new way you can discipline them,'" Wolf said. "So she sent it to my boyfriend's ex, who sent it out and made it go viral."

This is Misty, who originally posted the video and here's her FacebookLIVE video in to clarify that she wasn't recording and why she decided to post the now viral video. 

Below you can see the news report from WFTV. 

Do you consider this to be a rough joke between mom and child or do you consider the actions of Kaitlyn to be child abuse?  

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