Big Bang Theory Not Coming Back. Here's Why

It’s been one of the most successful shows for CBS and despite this it’ll come to an end in May 2019 according to announcement made by Warner Bros. Wednesday. 

The Big Bang Theory will go down as the longest running multi-camera comedy in TV history beating "Cheers" 275 episodes to 279. The show has also been nominated for 50 to Emmy awards and has won 10. 

Why is such a successful sitcom coming to an end? According to EW News, star of the show Jim Parson, who plays Sheldon, is ready to walk away. Despite a reported $1 million per episode and the fact that his costars would have made more than $50 million if he had agreed to stay for two more years, Parson is out. Needless to say there is no show without Dr. Sheldon Cooper. 

Now here is my internal debate with this news. It's easy to think "Damn, that's selfish on his behalf, keeping his costars (who are surely friends in addition to being colleagues) from so much money." It's also easy to think "Really? At $1 million dollars per episode why leave to take a chance when you have this solid and guaranteed gig?" But the other side of me, and truly the one with which I'm most in touch, thinks "his colleagues and friends aren't his responsibility and can continue to make their own careers. He is responsible for his own happiness and if Sheldon Cooper doesn't satisfy him anymore he needs to find his satisfaction somewhere else." 

It's a tough place to be in cause financial security at any level is hard to come by. But doesn't he owe it to himself to keep himself challenged and happy? What do you think?

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