Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee's "Made For Now" is Life

One of my favorite recent changes in the music industry is the crossover collaborations between artists who previously might not have even met, much less worked together. This opening up of creativity, acceptance of differences, mixing of rhythms and styles has taken the music industry (and challenged artists) to a whole new level and I can't get enough of it. 

Additionally, seeing an artist like Janet Jackson, whom I've known and loved even since I was in Cuba (music from outside the island, especially American, was mostly banned) still doing her thing as though she was still in her 30s instead of 52 (aging does take a toll on people, don't deny it) and as if she hadn't just had a baby a year ago (which takes and even bigger toll) blows my mind. 

That being said, it's easy to just drop a new song. What's hard is to drop a new song THIS GOOD after so many years of creative success. I have listened to this jam over 20 times and I love it. I love the rhythm, I love the video and choreography, and I absolutely ADORE the message! 



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