Parents in a Brawl At Youth Soccer Game

Alright look, I don't have children so I can't begin to pretend I understand the feeling of watching your little one do his or her best and have the ref make a bad call. But I'm a (mostly) normal human being and know that this is absurd behavior. These parents are setting a horrible example for their children getting into fist fights over games. Sports are supposed to teach kids healthy competition, camaraderie, hard work, discipline, team work, effort, dedication. Fighting with others who disagree with you isn't at all something that children should see as a normal behavior portrayed by their parents. 

I know emotions run high at these games, I've been a many to support my friends' kids, but no matter how passionate we are on the sidelines as fans of our children, we are parents FIRST. 

What do you think about these groups of parents in brawls at games? 



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