Ariana Grande Accused of Copying Jean Paul Gaultier ad in 'God Is a Woman'

Ok listen, no one is trying to reinvent the wheel here and inspiration can come from all places. It's how art works. Someone's song can inspire a melody or an idea for a book even. Inspiration is one thing, imitation and copying is another. The line can be fine, but I think in this case it was crossed. 

These two images seem almost exactly alike... One is a Jean Paul Gaultier ad and the other is from Ariana Grande's video for her new single "God is a Woman." Now, is it a big deal? I don't know... I'm not sure that it's that serious that she replicated the visual in her music video. She's not plagiarizing the song lyrics or music. But I guess creative visuals are the property of the producer ... no? 

 I have mixed feelings about this. What do you think?



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