Husband and Wife Trapeze Act Goes Horribly Wrong on America's Got Talent

I have all sorts of mixed feelings about this video. First of all, these two are amazing. I always give credit where it is due and they're incredibly skilled, even the judges say so. However, when it all goes wrong he doesn't even remove the blindfold to look! How does he not immediately feel the need to see if his wife is ok after such a crazy stunt fail? Also, when he comes down from the trapeze and she's standing, he doesn't say "I'm sorry" or anything. Dude, if my hubs dropped me from a trapeze, even if I know the dangers of doing something like this, I'd still like a "sorry babe." But I can be a bit of a drama queen so it's probably just me. 

What I did think was phenomenal was how SHE was ready and willing to try the stunt again! They've definitely got no trust issues to work through. Kudos for them! 



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