Cop Shoots Through His Car Windshield During Chase

This video shows very intense footage and may not be suitable to all. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Incredible police body cam video shows cop driving through Las Vegas behind a getaway SUV. He's communicating with dispatch letting them know exactly where he is and requesting air support. You can see in the video several other police cars also in pursuit of the runaway SUV when the suspects open fire against the officers. 

The cop in the video advices his colleagues to stay back, farther from suspects as these continue to shoot at the police. As the video progresses the officer takes out his weapon and debates whether to shoot left handed out his window or to shoot through the windshield. The former ends up being the course of action and after hitting the suspects, reports say one in the SUV was killed, the SUV is seen to nearly crash into a building and another suspect seems to be on the run. 



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