Ariana Grande's New Song "God is a Woman" with Naked Cover Art

Talk about stepping it up! And her new single “God is a woman” Ariana Grande is sexier than ever. She is naked in the cover art, covered in purple paint and the song itself is sultry and hot. The type of music you might play to, you know, get things started! 

The lyrics say "You, you love it how I move you / You love it how I touch you, my one," Grande sings. "When all is said and done / You'll believe God is a woman." Get it girl! 

Definitely catchy, sexy and fun. This could end up being my favorite song this summer. I love that it's empowering of the woman's sexuality. Yes ladies, it's ok to speak up and tell him (or her) what you like and how you like it. You can't read minds right? Neither can you partner. So ask to receive. I feel like the woman's pleasure is her responsibility. You deserve to be satisfied, like your partner does, and if that means giving a little instruction then why not? 

Anyway, this isn't a post about sex therapy or sexual development and connectedness between partners (though I might write about that soon). It's supposed to just be about the song so listen to it and tell me what you think! 

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