Man Takes on a Bull While Holding Child in Spain

OK listen, I know I am not a parent and I don’t support “parent shamming” but I don’t need to be a mom in order to realize that this is some of the worst parenting I’ve ever seen. 

I’m not even going to get into my views on bullfighting in this blog. Let's just focus on the video. I just want to understand how there are so many people watching this man take on a bull with a child in his arms and no one does anything for the child safety! Yes, I see that the bull is tied and someone could pull on it should things get serious. But why wait until they get serious? If you want to take on a bull go ahead and do it on your own but don’t put a child’s life in danger for your adrenaline rush! 

This went down in the island of Terceira, part of Portugal's Azores, during the kick off of the famous San Fermin festival where many try to outrun bulls. 



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