Beyonce Rescued with Ladder Mid-Concert

Beyoncé is known for putting on a heck of a show. Her team definitely doesn’t hold back on wardrobe, choreography and special effects. This last part didn’t work as planned this Saturday while the Queen B brought her On the Road II show to Poland. 

Toward the end of the show the flying stage malfunctioned and the singer was left stranded while staff decided what to do. Finally stage hands brought a ladder on stage. At first Beyonce didn't look too sure of the idea and you can almost see reluctance in her body language. But eventually she had to climb down the ladder in her black, high heel boots.  Yes, she looked fierce doing that too. She didn't look too happy walking off the stage though. 

Beyonce and Jay Z are traveling with their three children Blue Ivy, 6 and their twins Rumi and Sir who are now one. 



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