Madonna's 1991 Love Letter... to a Woman. Find Out Who

Madonna has never held back when it comes to expressing herself, not musically other otherwise. But this piece of expression had been secretly stashed away from the public's eyes since 1991. It's a hand written love letter from Madonna herself to a woman, once we've seen before. 

The woman's name is AMANDA CAZALET, and apparently, she left a lasting impression after the kiss she shared with Madonna in the "Justify My Love" music video. Madonna wrote her saying: 

"You have to send me pictures, lots of them.  I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world.  I'm dying to kiss you again.  I fantasize about you all the time.

 I know you're married and pregnant and I cannot explain my attraction, nevertheless it's there.  I'm attracted to very few women in this way.  I wish I could see you."

The letter is signed "Love and kisses," with an "M" inside a heart instead of her name.  And she left Amanda her address, phone number, AND FAX NUMBER. 

You can see it for yourself here and even own it once it goes on auction next month at GottaHaveRockandRoll

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