Video of Couple Caught Having Sex on Flight to Mexico

Part of me thinks this video can’t be real and another part of me is just… in awe.

I mean, let’s be honest, we’ve all heard about the Mile High Club, some of you reading might even be a member, but as far as I’ve heard (not a member yet) it’s something you might try on a transatlantic flight while everyone’s sleeping and you won’t get caught. This plane looks it’s the middle of the day!

According to the Daily Mail this couple was going to Mexico and they see the other couple… well, doing it behind them. They took a video as a gag and sent it to their daughter who (naturally) put it on Twitter making it viral.

I don’t see much of a reaction from others on the flight… Do you think this is real or a fake? What would you if you caught two people doing it behind you mid-flight? Would you interrupt them? Mind your business? Call the flight attendant?

More importantly, if you’re a Mile High Club member, how did you become a part without getting caught?! Share your story!

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