Desmond Has Gone Viral and Parents Are Talking!

First of all, Desmond, you ARE amazing! To have the courage to be exactly who you want to be, to embrace the entirety of your fierceness, to empower others to love themselves as they are, all at such a young age makes you AMAZING whether you're doing it in drag or not! 

Kudos to you baby! Werk!

Now that I've put that out there, as you can image, Desmond going viral with his drag attire, make up tutorials, and messaging to other kids to accept themselves as they are has caused a lot of talk on the internet. Many parents are saying that his mom and dad are allowing him to "lead" by letting him dress in drag and that there's no way the child can know at his age what his preferences are. Others are saying that allowing him to be himself and showing support is the best type of parenting. Here's Desmond's welcome video on his YouTube channel. 

Reporter Kate Snow had a piece talking to Desmond and his parents that also caused quite a bit of controversy.  Some of the comments from NBC's TODAY viewers are below. 

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Good parenting? Would you support your child the same way?

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