23 Things Dad Actually Wants for Father's Day

I think about Mother's Day gifts for weeks prior to the holiday day, but with dad I almost always wait till the last minute to get him something. I don't know if it's cause it's easier to shop for the men in our lives than it is to shop for mom. 

In a recent survey, only 5% of people said Father's Day is MORE important, compared to 27% who said Mother's Day is.  But almost two-thirds said they are equally important. I'm definitely part of the two-thirds. 

More importantly, another survey asked dads what they'd like to GET for Father's Day this year.  So if you still haven't bought anything, here's some inspiration . . .

The top 7 gifts dads want are:

  1. a nice dinner out . . . 
  2. a nice bottle of booze . . . 
  3. a watch . . . 
  4. a vacation . . . 
  5. clothing . . . 
  6. a smart speaker . . . 
  7. a steak dinner at home . . . 

If none of those do it for you, some more highlights from the top 30 include 

  • tickets to a sporting event
  • an expensive coffee
  • aftershave 
  • a pizza oven  
  • photography accessories 
  • socks (though I'd opt out of this one) 
  • a home-brewing kit
  • a video game 
  • headphones 
  • a fitness tracker 
  • a power tool 
  • moisturizer (Hey! Dads can want smooth skin too!)
  • a family portrait 
  • slippers 
  • and a nice pen

But even though dads want those things, it doesn't mean they EXPECT to get them. According to the survey, the average dad only expects each kid to spend $27 on them this year.  So if you go with a big-ticket item, it's fine to make it a chip-in gift from the whole family. 

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