Royal Wedding Watch Party? Keep it Simple, Fun, and Cheap!

The Royal wedding he’s probably one of the most anticipated events of the year. If you are planning a watch party, here are some tips to keep it fun, with a Royal feel, without breaking the bank! 

Theme it out! 

Just cause you won’t be attending the actual wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the fashion! One of the (very many) rules of the Royal wedding is wearing a dress and a hat, or fascinator. Make this part of the requirements for your watch party as well! Have your guests dress to the 9 to help get in the mood! 

Tea time! 

Tea is a huge part of the British culture. So much so that Sebastian Michaelis is a professional tea taster, and so valuable are his taste buds to the British tea brand TetleyRead that they've insured his tongue for 1 million pounds! Designate a small area for a tea table with a variety of options to choose from. They can be as simple, or as fancy as you want! Some black tea or green tea might definitely help considering the wedding broadcast starts at 4:30a. You can include other libations too! And here’s a great decorating idea that’ll get your guests connected with their inner mixologist. 

Get stinky!

Since it’s an early start you won’t need very heavy food. But you do want to have some snacks available for your guests, especially if there will be drinking. Feel free to get stinky! Experiment with different cheeses and other tapas. Some cheese ideas include: 


•Stinking Bishop



•Brie de Meaux

Some crackers and fruit will make a great addition to light snacks for your viewing party, and if you wanna take it to the next level Velveeta has a special edition Royal Wedding mac and cheese! I know it's all going down at 4:30a.... It's never too early (or too late) for mac and cheese. 

Prep early! 

Did we mention the wedding starts at 4:30a? With the exception of the actual food, set everything up the night before so you’re relaxed and refreshed when your guests arrive, instead of rushing through setting up.  

Have fun!

Ultimately, it's all about having a great time! Here are all the live viewing and streaming options for you and your guests to watch the Royal Wedding! 

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