Christina Aguilera Stripped, Again, in Twice

From the first experiences I ever had with Christina Aguilera in my teens, till today, she has always been one of my favorite vocalists. Her voice in unlike any other and she has a way of communicating emotion in her interpretation that penetrates my whole being. My favorites of her albums have be Stripped and Back to Basics. The combination of upbeat and soul influenced songs were the perfect balance. That's not to say that Bionic and I Come Undone weren't great. I just didn't love the electronic influences. I feel like they masked her vocal ability. 

This song however.... Is life. Christine herself tweeted that she loved the "raw vocal quality" and "spiritual emotion" it conveys. 


I've heard the song several times and I love it. I really hope there's more of this in her new Liberation album which drops on June 15th. Check out Twice below and tell me what you think! 



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