El Anillo: Is JLo Calling A-Rod Out With New Single?

JLo has professed her love for Alex Rodriguez numerous times and we're all well aware of success and accomplishments. These include (aside from her TV shows, perfume like, and beautiful family) a new make up like called JLOinglot which she shared a video for earlier this morning (April 26th) on her Instagram account...

She also has a new movie coming out soon which she also shared on her IG (and I'm still trying to figure out when the heck she actually shot it considering the woman has seven jobs).

And now, much awaited new music! The new single "El Anillo", which many fans (myself included) think is a little jab a A-Rod. Now, let's be honest, as fun as it is to think that she might have made this song and pulled a "surprise babe! Here's my new single... whaaaaat do you think?" I doubt JLo is the *hinting* type. I see her more as the type to literally start a conversation verbatim to the lyrics of the song while watching her man's response while she says "Y el anillo pa'cuando?"

Check out the preview of the single below!

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