"They're Coming For Our Children." Blogger Mom Calls for Protest

Well, this is weird.... Elizabeth Johnston calls herself "Activist Mommy" and in this video, along with several other comments, she urges parents to take their children out of school on April 23 for a “Sex Ed Sit-Out” protest. Elizabeth is against sex ed classes in school. She actually homeschools her ten children. That's not a typo... ten. Check out the video. What do you think? Do you agree with her? Do you think sex ed classes are important for our kids?


There are 24 states plus the District of Columbia that mandate sex education. Thirteen of these states require the classes to be medically accurate. 

In 2007 a study was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health stating that sexual health programs that teach abstinence, push for monogamy, and highlight heterosexual marriages fail to reduce teen pregnancy rates or protect teenagers from sexually transmitted infections. 


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