Jane Seymour Posed for "Playboy" at 67 and she's HOT!

Jane Seymour is 67-years-old, an age many don't consider "sexy", and she is rocking her confidence and looks on the pages of Playboy magazine in the most empowering way! She says, "I haven't done any surgeries or injections or anything.  I haven't done any of it.  So I still look like 'me.' Every day I'm kind of tempted, but then I look at people I know and I don't [recognize] them.

The pictures aren't nude and she looks comfortably sexy; the sexy we all want to be. Not forced! "I'm authentically being me.  That's important to me" she said. 


Jane said "There's an enormous freedom in having lived as long as I have.  Like my father used to say, I'm comfortable in my own skin." Here's to hoping we all feel that freedom and comfort at every age! 


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