Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Him and Her!

Let's be honest, some of us don't really care for Valentine's Day at all so it's easy to forget the date. In fact, a survey says 1 in 3 people are clueless about the holiday being this week. Whether or not you're into Valentine's Day, you might still want to do something for your loved one if he or she is all about it. Here are some simple and quick ideas you can run with last minute! 

What girl doesn't like flowers? Well, actually I know a few so ask first. But most of us would love to get a beautiful bouquet on Valentine's Day and if you're thinking "what's the point if they're just going to whither and die?" let me tell you that Lovely Flowers are preserved flowers so they last much longer. Besides, we're withering and dying a little every day, that doesn't mean you should be dismissed! These flowers are gorgeous and there are specials of which you can take advantage...  


Valentine's Day doesn't need to be a huge production. In fact, 58% of married couples said they probably wont do anything at all to celebrate the holiday. If you're the more laid back type, maybe a walk and some delicious desert to share is the way to go. Check out the Valentine's Day shake (and other delicious desserts) at Boca's House


A study by Groupon showed the majority of couples celebrating Valentine's Day this year (53 percent) feels they do the same exact thing year after year. Switch it up with tickets to Wicked at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts! If you've already checked out Wicked, who can blame you? It's awesome. Check out all the other plays and musicals up right now though, you're bound to find something amazing you haven't already enjoyed. 


Whichever of these ideas you go with, or of you have your own last minute Valentine's Day suggestions, let me know in the comments! Have a love filled day! 


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