Meghan Trainor is the Fourth Judge on THE FOUR

If could tell you three important things about me they would be

1- I love to dance 

2- Soup is my favorite food

3- I am obsessed with Meghan Trainor. Like, obsessed! I was probably the only adult withOUT a child singing the words to every song when she came down to Miami. Also, this picture is up in my living room.  

As you can imagine, I am thrilled I get to see Meghan all the time now in THE FOUR! I can't wait! 

According to TMZ, Meghan is the fourth judge on FOX's new singing show "The Four." She'll be joining Dj. Khaled, Charlie Walk and Diddy, er... Brother Love.. 

The Meghan was chosen out of a list including Fergie and BeBe Rexha. Obviously they made the best choice possible. 

The show premiers on FOX in January! 



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