The Girlfriend Experience Season 2 is FIRE

I love love love watching TV. I'll take a good show on my couch with my dog over going out any day of the week! I'd been hearing about The Girlfriend Experience for a while when the promotion kicked in for season 2... I had no idea what the show was about. I decided I'd watch an episode or two to have an idea about the show before interviewing Carmen Ejogo, who plays Bria Jones in season 2, next thing I knew the weekend was over and I hadn't left my couch. What. A. Show. Season 2 kicks off on STARZ Nov 5th at 9p. Here's what we can expect from the show. 

Check out the preview for season 2 below and get started watching. The two seasons have unrelated storylines (which is pretty cool cause you don't need to catch up). However, season 1 which I binged over a weekend is some of the most exciting and sexiest TV I've ever seen so I say you watch that one too! 



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