Entrepreneur Brothers Supporting #LiveLikeBella

Where do I even start with these two?  Sebastian, 8 years old, is the C.E.O. and designer for Are You Kidding Socks. Brandon, 10 years old, is the Director of Sales or as he calls himself the D.O.S and they've partnered up with Live Like Bella Foundation using their entrepreneurial power to make a difference helping end pediatric cancer. 


During their visit to my show they told me about their #LiveLikeBella socks which, aside from supporting a great cause, are incredibly comfortable! For only $10 you can buy a pair on their website and proceeds are donated to the Live Like Bella Foundation to help end pediatric cancer. Their goal this year is 28,000 socks and every company, family, and school can participate. Check out the info below.


Brandon and Sebastian's socks aren't just making a difference in helping to end pediatric cancer, the brothers recently visited a Florida shelter full of Hurricane Irma victims and donated boxes of their "Are You Kidding" socks. I've worked with kids for over 14 years and it still gives me so much pleasure to see youth like this; aware, determined, smart, and incredibly fun to hang out with.



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