Big Sis Can't Stand Thought of Brother Growing Up

There's so much in this video. First of all, can you say adorbs? This is Sadie, who is completely distraught at the thought that her little brother is going to grow up. She is completely against this idea. 


How can the innocence of this little girl be so accurate? Can you blame her for not wanting her little brother to grow up? I mean, kids are fantastic and all but the older the get the truly less likable they become. Slow down now Supermom! 


Surely your kids are outstanding. But let's take a look at everyone else's kid first (back to your own after you get some perspective here). Those terrible two's, followed by the talking-back-preteen-years. Then the truly obnoxious teenage phase and, alas, adults. Come on, adults mostly suck. 

Sadie, I get it. I wish my little brother had stayed little and cute too! 


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