Lost Toddler, Good Samaritan Accused of Kidnapping

The truth is, we can't keep an eye on our children every moment we're with them, no matter how hard we try. Almost every parent has had that scare where you lose your child at the store and those are some of the most terrifying few minutes of parenthood every time. 

But what would you do if you lost your 2-year-old for a moment and saw a man carrying her away at a park? That's what happened at Southwest Sports Complex in Lakeland when the Stricklands realized their daughter was missing and spotted her later in the arms of a stranger. The problem? This stranger was a good Samaritan, spotted by an independent witness, going from person to person at the park asking the little girl "Are these your parents? Are these your parents?"

Mr. Strickland, having spotted his daughter and thinking the worst, punched the good Samaritan half a dozen times. What's worse, within hours the good Samaritan's face was posted all over the internet and his reputation smeared, including where he works and the names and images of his children. 


Lakeland Police Department dismissed the entire situation as a misunderstanding and, in hopes of helping diminish any false information and further damage to the good Samaritan posted the following statement on Facebook. 


Parents, do you think Mr. Strickland responded accurately to the situation? Would you have done the same? The good Samaritan isn't pressing charges despite the damage done to his image and the beating he received. Is he making the right call? I'd love to know what you think about this situation. 


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