Kicked Out of College Gym For Wearing This Shirt

It's totally understandable that elementary, middle, and high school have dress codes (sort of), but when you're an adult and get kicked out of a public place for your outfit, it just doesn't make sense. That's Sarah VillafaƱe's story. She wore this outfit to work out at the College of Charleston student gym and, according to her, was asked to leave. 


I find this outfit just as revealing if not less than most work-out outfits being advertised out there. A few examples below. Where is the disconnect happening where TV and social media promote revealing clothes to be "what's hot" and "what's in" but these gyms and airlines want to create their own dress codes and enforce them on adults? Excuse me but if men can walk around in flip flops and sleeveless shirts in restaurants I think Sarah can wear whatever the hell she wants to work out. 



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