The Average Person Wastes 5 Years on Social Media

This new study is terrifying cause, if there has ever been a time when I rank "above average" it's now and I don't like it. Mediakix published a study saying the average person spends about 5 years of their life on social media platforms. Worse yet, they put the time in perspective by letting you know what you could be doing during those five years if you weren't scrolling and liking away. 

Seriously? One year and seven months on Facebook, one year and two months on Snapchat, eight months on Instagram and one year and ten months on YouTube? You know what's scary about this? They say the average user is on Twitter about one minute a day, (18 days over an entire lifetime) but I check Twitter at least a dozen times a day! I'm definitely wasting way more than five years on socials! 



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