Her Father Wouldn't Walk Her Down the Isle

Jennifer and Sam have been together over 11 years and, like most LGBT couples, have gone through their fair share of struggles getting others to accept their relationship. One person who never came around was Jennifer's dad. He disapproved of the relationship so much so, that he refused to walk his daughter down the isle on her wedding day. In an attempt not to disrespect Jennifer's dad, I will keep my thoughts about this to myself, for now. 

Jennifer, an employee of HSBC also feared the organization's and her colleagues' reaction to her  relationship with Sam. Little did she know it would be the bank's CEO, John Li, who would step in to save the day and walk her down the isle when her father wouldn't. 


It's so refreshing to see organizations like HSBC supporting their staff by accepting their sexual orientation and, in this case, even stepping in to make a difference in an employee's life in such a big way. HSBC Now is dedicated to the people who work at HSBC giving them the attention they deserve. It's just about the customer anymore. It's about equality for everyone.  


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