Cassie De Pecol Breaks Guinness Traveling Record

Why didn't I think if this? Cassie De Pecol is officially in the Guinness Book of Records as the First Documented Woman to Travel to every Country, First American Woman to Travel to Every Country, and Youngest American to Travel to Every Country at Age 27. That's 196 countries in 18 months; hence the adventure being named "Expedition 196."

Cassie traveled as an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism, speaking to over 16,000 students in addition to ministers and mayors in tourism, sharing the organization's “Declaration of Peace.” 


She went through four passports (I barely have 5 stamps on mine and it's about to expire), a few scares, and the cost? Over $185,000! She saved the first $10,000 and the rest came in through sponsorship! Again, why didn't I think if this? The trip has been documented through her Instagram and website and the pictures are breathtaking. 


As expected, everyone has questions and judgements of Cassie's Expedition 196. One of the most common questions is how is she even enjoying herself  constraints? In her blog, here is how she responds. 

It all comes down to two words: time management. One could spend Saturday and Sunday chilling at home watching Netflix (totally okay, I am guilty of that at times) or traveling to 5 places within one country, 5 countries within those two days, doing an Ironman, etc etc.. It’s all a matter of choice. I have lived in the US for 27 years and have not been to every state and have not learned the depths about our own history, as I should.

Others are questioning the ecological footprint she's leaving having taken over 200 planes in her travels. To counteract her carbon footprint, Skal International and Expedition 196 partnered together to plant trees around the world. Cassie is physically planting the National tree of each country she visits. 



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