Pregnant? This Salad Can Induce Labor!

Every pregnant woman I've ever met would do anything to anything to speed up that last month before the baby comes. I remember goddaughter's mom tried everything from light exercise to spicy foods to weird positions. I'm not sure any of it worked but this restaurant swears to have a salad that induces labor! So much so that five to 20 pregnant women come in looking for it every day.


The story came out on the LA Times and was even reported on the Today Show because anchor Carson Daly's wife, Siri Pinter, actually tried it on her due date and started getting contractions a few hours later! 

The downside? You might need to travel to L.A. to check out the Caioti Pizza Cafe's "Maternity Salad." These moms didn't hesitate to give it a try! Would you?


Photo: Fotolia


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