Disney Under Attack After Airing First Gay Kiss

Parenting has never been easy. Explaining love and sex, violence, heartbreak, and even friendships can be a challenge when raising little ones. Our society has also become more accepting of homosexuality but some parents are still struggling with a way to explain homosexuality to their children. That's why so many are in an uproar with Disney XD for airing this gay kiss in their show Star Vs The Forces of Evil. 


The kiss, which happens between two men, isn't even the highlight of the episode nor is it pointed out as anything special. It just "happens" and there's no fuss about it. 

I'm not a parent (well, not to a human anyway) but I don't see the big deal. In fact, I think the subtlety of the way the kiss was approached is great. Should your child ask about it simply saying "some boys like to kiss girls, some boys like to kiss other boys, and that's OK" should suffice. Maybe even prompt the question of "which do you prefer honey?" and teach your child that speaking about sexuality and his or her preferences with you - the parent - is safe and OK.

What do you think? How do you feel about this Disney move? How do you approach sex and sexuality and kissing with your kids?


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